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Shenzhen Volunteer Association


Shenzhen Volunteer Association (SVA) is a social organization initiated by the Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL) Shenzhen Committee and is composed of volunteers from all walks of life, mainly youth, for youth and social service. Established in June 1990, SVA is China's first volunteer organization.

In adherence to the tenet of "Serve the Society and Promote Civilization" and pursuant to the spirit of "Participation, Mutual Aid, Dedication and Progress", SVA is committed to the idea of mutual aid featuring "Help Others is Help Ourselves" and "Present Rose to Others with Fragrance Lingering at Hand" over the years and has explored a new way for volunteer service

development with Shenzhen characteristics.

Main Features of SVA:

Diverse Membership & Large Scale:

With an average age of 28 years, SVA's membership is mainly composed of young people along with a small portion of middle-age and senior people. SVA's high quality membership records a 50.9 percentage of college or above diploma, covering an extensive walk of life. In the past 15 years, it has accumulated a total of 3 million persons to participate in volunteer service, including 300,000times/persons of personnel and logistics service for government agencies and social organizations as well as 700,000 times/persons for large-scale events. Average service time of each SVA's individual registered volunteer surpasses 30 hours per annum.

Well Established Organization & Mechanism:

Shenzhen has established a 4-level network of volunteer organization totaling1 at municipal level, 6 at district level, 49 at street (sub-district) level and 676 at community level. With regular general assemblies, council meetings, subgroup actions and work meetings in place, a long-acting and efficient mechanism regarding recruitment, training, stimulation, outward bound training, appraisal, personnel management, etc. is under way.

Complete Services & Extensive Coverage:

SVA provides 20 categories of service with over 30 activities including hot line, mailbox, senior and disabled care, patient care, orphan care, help and education for released and imprisoned, anti-drug, social research, student service, environmental protection, online service, hand-made service, logistics,youth & health, release of "Shenzhen Volunteers" magazine, secretarial service, training, culture, arts, mentally retarded rehabilitation, legal aid, etc.

Social recognition & awards:

The saying "Let's Go To SVA When In Difficulty" has been widely recognized in Shenzhen. SVA has been awarded as "China's Top 10 Out-standing Youth Volunteer Unit ", "China's Excellent Youth Volunteer Unit", "Outstanding Youth Volunteer Unit in Guangdong Province", the 4th, 5th, and 6th "Shenzhen's Model Civilized Unit", "Shenzhen's Advanced Unit for National Unity", among others. Cong Fei and Li Honglin, SVA's outstanding representatives, has been awarded as "Golden Award for Youth Volunteer in China" respectively.

The "Regulations Concerning Volunteer Service in Shenzhen", China's first local regulations in this regard, came into effect on July 1, 2005, which changed the previous name "Shenzhen Volunteer Workers Association" into the present one and further defined and better regulated volunteer service in Shenzhen, symbolizing the milestone in the history of Shenzhen's volunteer service.