Batch Management

Lot Number Management System of Finished Products

1.  Purpose: To get effectively control of the lot number management and tracing of the finished products, we set up this principle according to the CIQ’s Food Quality Inspection Envelop No. [2003]681.

2.  Scope

It’s adapted to our company’s exporting products’ lot number management and practices.

3.  Responsibility

The production dept. is responsible for the constitution of the process lot number, and the QC is responsible for the supervisions.

4.  The marking and transferring of the lot No.

4.1   The production dept. only starts to product after the eels have been temporary breeding for 24 hours since they were brought in ponds.

4.2   The raw material team put the eels into ice pond of different number according to the production plan, by which each pond No. means the same Lot (set). And then for each Lot the raw material team fills out a Production Number Transferring Envelop, of which the contents include: production number, date of production, lot number, name of cultivating farm, pond number, quantity, etc.

The marking method of lot number is as follows:

The lot number is constituted of 21 numerals and some English letters.


YYMMDD――Date of production.

AA――The lot sequence number of this production.

3600/M――Jiangxi cultivating farm’s registered number in Japan.

BBBB――The registered number of this cultivating farm.

EEE――The pond number of this cultivating farm.  .

For example: 080618 01 3600M 0292 012

The above chart indicates that this products is the first lot produced in June 18, 2008, and the raw material of live eel is from the No. 12 ponds of the cultivating farm whose registered No. is 0292.

This transfer envelop is passed to the packing workshop along with the ice-freezing, eel-slaughtering, eel-managing and eel-roasting process, and then each workshop mark the date of production, lot number, quantity, specification on their sign board; the finished products indicator mark the inner and outer box with article, lot number, specification according to the prescription, which the packing team monitor is responsible for disposition and supervision.

4.3   The Exit and Entrance of Products

4.3.1    Record the exit and entrance according to the lot number of products, which the contents should include: article, specification, lot number, date of production, quantity and time of exit and entrance of warehouse.

4.3.2   Products should be placed at the appointed region(to-be-inspected region, qualified region)

The lot number of finished products is to be printed on the two sides of carton where the specs are marked.

5. Inquiry online

To make it more convenient for consumers to know about the whole process of our quality control, we offer a website for you to search. You can enter our website’s home page and find the “exporting eel product identity tracing system” on the left site, enter the lot number printed on the packing bag, you can know about the name of this product’s cultivating farm, pond number, date of purchasing the raw material, inspection result, etc.

The lot number management system of finished product is just part of the “exporting eel product identity tracing system”, the latter covers more detail information including data of drug residue inspection, animalcule inspection, etc. during the whole production process.

Searching Method:

1.  Logging in the “exporting eel product identity tracing system” on

2.  Enter the lot number.

3.  Then you can see the detail quality management data of these eel  products.