Quality Management

About the Department of quality control

We have around 51 staff in quality dept. for each factory, among which 25 are testing staff, 9 are engaged in microbial, pesticide residual, and heavy metal inspection, in addition, there are 9 QA, 7 quality supervisors, and 1 staff-in-charge.

The department consists of office, preliminary treatment towards pesticide residual, pesticide residual analysis lab, microbial analysis lab, and library. Equipped with a set of leading facilities, it not only has ordinary microbial inspection devices, but also has fluorescent Hg determination instrument and microwave disinfections instrument as well as 2 API 3200 LC-MS/MS system(Which is used to test Malachite Green and the like),2 HPLC, rotary evaporating instrument, circulated water vacuum pump, water purifier, and centrifuge etc.. They are used to conduct more than 40 items of test in respects of animalcule, pesticide residual, and heavy metal. All staff has been trained on animalcule and veterinary realms and accredited relevant certificates, which make them competent to determine the components of raw materials and finished products.